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Covering today’s leading medical news with expert analysis from Dr. Simone Gold ( MD, JD, F*ABEM). The Founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Gold is a champion of medical freedom and civil liberties.

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"This is About Good vs. Evil" in a Special Edition of War on Israel

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Dr. Gold

Dr. Gold

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Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, an emergency physician and attorney, is the visionary who led the pivotal press conference event that broke the spell of the coronavirus panic in 2020. Creating the most viral moment in modern media history, she became the founder of America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), and now leads the nationwide movement to “Drain the Science Swamp.”

Dr. Gold graduated from Chicago Medical School before earning her Juris Doctorate degree at Stanford University Law School. She went on to serve minority communities as an ER doctor for over 20 years, without a single malpractice complaint. Dr. Gold was board-certified for 20 years until she voluntarily refused to re-certify in 2022. She worked in Washington, D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee. Dr.Gold is a dynamic speaker known for both educating and invigorating audiences to take effective action in reclaiming their health and their natural human rights.

She is a frequent guest on media outlets around the world, including Tucker Carlson, Dinesh D' Souza, Glenn Beck, USA Today, Associated Press, The Guardian, The Charlie Kirk Show, The Dennis Prager Show, Daystar Television, and many others. Dr. Gold is America's expert voice of common sense and scientific clarity in the information war against Medical Marxism and the fraud of corporate media and medical bureaucracy. She continues to stand as a frontline advocate for civil liberties. Her book: “I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture” is a national best-seller.

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